Two Farms and 7 puppies!!

Lots of news to share here at Dancing Dog Farm! I’ll start with our most exciting news, our Scotch Collie, Dancing Dog Farm Gwynen and our English Shepherd Dancing Dog Farm Levi Jones have had their first pups! All seven arrived hale and hearty on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 19th. We are accepting puppy applications to good homes – we expect this litter will be well suited to small farm work, agility and of course as loving companions.

I’ll be posting photos of the litter here shortly, please get in touch via phone (203/594-6808) or via email at

Our other news is that Peter and I will be offering the NH Dancing Dog Farm property for sale, but will bring back some of the farming operations to NH until the sale is finalized. So we’ll be going back and forth to NH from CT quite a bit until then! Wilson has started his own farm on another property in CT – because he loved the name so much he is going to be calling it “Dancing Dog Farm CT”. We wish him the best of luck in his new venture!


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