Dancing Dog Levi Jones

Dancing Dog Levi Jones is a registered English Shepherd. Born in 2010, Levi is related to our first Scotch Collie, Lakewood Jake. Jake was  a son of Sojourners Jacob and Lady Jennifer. Levi also traces back to Red Bank Shooter, Susie Q, Cimarron Rustler, Butcher’s Auguie, and Anderson’s Duke, all excellent, biddable dogs with great work ethic and solid conformation.

Levi has helped out on our small farm since we picked him up off the plane. Always eager to help, Levi has a sunny disposition, even when herding loose pigs. He listens well, and loves to play, but is also very serious about his work – most of which he assigns himself. His favorite place to be is sitting on alert, preferably on my foot, gazing out across his empire 🙂 Protective of his family, he is an excellent companion as well as generalist farm dog – tho he is a bit too serious to play much with human children. He has a farm to look after!

Levi is blessed with stunning looks – his conformation is excellent – solid bone, straight legs, “teflon” coat – nothing sticks to it! Typical for an ES, however – he does “blow” that gorgeous coat – then I am not so fond of it! If he wasn’t working on the farm, Levi would be a stellar agility dog as he is quick and eager to please.

He is available as a stud dog, Please inquire for more information.

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