Scotch Collies

old collie art

Old Time Scotch Collies

Back in the 1900’s, most of the small farmers had dogs to help them run the place – you know, hunt varmints (rats, mice, voles, raccoons, etc),  guard against predators like hawks, foxes and coyotes, and herd everything and anything from baby goats, lambs and human beings to loose bulls.

These same dogs were also sought after by city dwellers and suburban families because they were intelligent and loyal pets.


Lakewood Jake, our original Scotch Collie, 2001. My right hand man and closest confidante

The dogs were never trained, they just “knew” what to do, and how to do it. They were the ultimate crew, and worked hard for a pittance – a bone, a good meal, and a soft bed to lay on with nary a complaint.  Of course, none of these dogs were registered, no farmer had time for that, nor did they care. So, sadly, when the small farms began to be replaced with larger and larger farms, the loyal generalist, the Scotch Collie was lost as well…or so we thought. Through the efforts of a determined group of people, the Old Time Scotch Collie is slowly but surely making a comeback. The increase in small farms, and the “back to the land” movement has helped pique interest in this wonderful dog.

If you’d like to learn more about the Old Time Scotch Collie,  go to




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