Are you considering adding chickens to your backyard? Would you like fresh, organic veggies that your children can help pick and prepare?  How about some edible landscaping?  Want to know just how healthy your soil is? Want the best pasture possible for your horses or stock? Confused about the best composting methods to use? Have a favorite old tree that needs attention?

Carol Lake and Peter Schmidt have over 35 years combined experience in organic land and tree care, and in owning, operating and managing small, integrated farms and equestrian facilities. We can help you plan, implement and maintain a homestead, horse farm, small commercial organic farm or organic country estate in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our consulting philosophy is based on our core principle of farmstead management: listen to the land. Our simple conviction is that the land, and its varied, unique ecotones, will best define a farm’s purpose and will continue to speak if we learn to listen.

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Specifically, Carol and Peter’s consulting work covers:

farm layout

infrastructure requirements

integrated livestock

intensive rotational grazing

pastured poultry



natural livestock care

biodynamic farming

water harvesting

species specific animal welfare requirements

types of livestock, genetics and breeds best suited for your farm, with particular emphasis on heritage livestock breeds best suited to small farms

specific management practices to increase soil health and tilth

on farm composting systems

organic certification

If you’re thinking about starting a homestead farm or a small scale commercial organic farm, or are considering ways to transition to organics in either landcare or farming, a consultation is a great way to begin your research. If you already own an organic small farm, our expertise may help you operate more efficiently.

We specialize in building, maintaining and growing healthy soil, from backyards and farmyards to institutions and equestrian estates.  From assessing your soil’s microbial health, to determining which organic soil amendments are the best choice, to applying the most scientifically accurate application of individually brewed compost tea, we have the experience and the background, to meet your needs. No job is ever too small. From simple backyard composting  to advanced institutional or large, on farm systems, we have the experience to help you do it right the first time.

Our consulting service includes both organic horticulture and agriculture, no pesticides or synthesized materials are ever used and locally sourced materials are recommended whenever possible. Our methods are centered around soil health and microbial diversity. When you practice organic landcare, you are improving your soil, investing in your land and ultimately investing in your own health and the health of your family.

Horticultural Services                                                                                                        

Organic Treatment of Orchard Trees

  • Soil chemistry and soil biology testing
  • Organic Lawn Care
  • Organic Tree Care
  • Organic Shrub Care
  • Soil Remediation
  • Compost Top Dressing
  • Compost Tea Applications
  • Organic Fertilization
  • Consulting, Bid Specifications
  • Compost Production
  • Product Sourcing

Agricultural Services

  • Soil chemistry and soil biology testing
    Soil Remediation
  • Compost Top Dressing
  • Compost Tea Applications

    Professional Soil Assessments

  • Organic Fertilization
  • Field Management
  • Species and Cultivar Selection
  • Organic Hay Production
  • Compost Production
  • Product Sourcing

Give us a call for a free estimate, at 603.831-2630, or send us an email –





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