2016 Beginner Soft Cheesemaking Classes

We’ll be holding classes at our Dublin, NH farm in August of 2016 as well as November. Check back soon for more information!

2012 Beginner soft cheesemaking classes

Join us at our farm in Dublin, NH for our popular beginner soft cheesemaking classses!

At our hands on Soft Cheesemaking Workshop, you will learn to make plain and seasoned chevre, frommage blanc, lemon cheese, panir, yogurt cheese (labneh),  queso blanco and mozzerella, all of which can be easily replicated in your own home kitchen with simple supplies you may already have!  After you taste your first batch of fresh cheese, you’ll never feel the same way about store-bought. We use both goat and cow’s milk to make our cheeses, you’ll even have some to take home with you! Classes run approximately 3 hours.


Other Farming Classes

Let’s Get (organically) Growing!
Learn organic farming techniques from a long time organic farmer and a certified soil food web advisor. Dancing Dog farm is a small organic and biodynamic homestead farm in Peterborough NH. We have a certified Animal Welfare Approved organic goat dairy and offer fresh goat’s milk, cheese, kefir and yogurt shares from our lovely Nubian goats. We also sell compost tea, organic soil amendments and livestock supplements.
For more information about Dancing Dog Farm’s “Grow Your Own” Summer classes, contact Carol: 603.289-2426, or email Find us online at

6/2, 7/9
9am – 11am; fee:  $20
Introduction to Backyard Organic Farming
You’ll get a “behind the scenes” tour of our organic/biodynamic homestead farm, watch our goats be milked, (milk them too if you like!) and learn tips and tricks to building healthy soil, raising livestock and growing great food right in your own backyard.

6/25 – 9am – 12pm; 7/9 1 pm- 4pm; 8/11 – 6pm – 9pm; fee: $45
Making Delicious Soft Cheeses
At our hands on Soft Cheese Workshop, you will learn to make chevre, mozzerella, lemon cheese, kefir, yogurt cheese and yogurt, all of which can be easily replicated in your own home kitchen. After you taste your first batch of fresh cheese, you’ll never feel the same way about store-bought.

6/16 – 9am – 11am; fee: $20
The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Organic Veggie  Gardening
It’s easier than you think to garden with nature in mind! Come out to the garden and learn some simple secrets of organic vegetable, flower and herb gardening and go home with lots of ideas (and some organic seeds!)  to start your own.

6/9  9am – 11am; fee: $25 (materials included)
Grow your Own Organic Salad in a Pot!
In this hands-on class, we’ll help you choose the right container; create the right potting media; choose the right seeds or seedlings; and show you how to plant it all. You’ll also learn where to place the container and how to care for it when you get it home. (We can bring this class to YOU as well!)

6/23 9am – 11am; fee: $25 (materials included)
The Cook’s Herb Garden
Nothing enhances a meal like the taste of fresh herbs. Grow your own on a sunny porch or doorstep! Culinary herbs thrive in containers & window boxes. Plant 6 culinary herbs in a 12” pot. Herb choices include rosemary, several varieties of basil, chives, sage thyme parsley, scented geranium and savory as well as edible flowers such as nasturtium and tiny marigolds. (We can bring this class to YOU as well!)

6/4 9am – 12pm; 7/16, 9am – 12pm; 8/13, 9am – 12 pm; fee: $35
Keep it Simple! Composting, Vermiculture (worms!) and Compost Tea
Using your own home-made organic compost is the single best thing you can do to increase your garden’s fertility, ward off pests, and keep diseases at a minimum. Come to Dancing Dog Farm and learn how to properly build a worm bin, compost tea brewer and a thermal compost pile.

6/20, 9am – 11am; 7/12, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm; 8/12, 9am – 11am; fee: $25
The Soul of Soil – Managing your Micro-herd, Secrets to High Yields and Healthy Plants
We’ll show you under our microscope what beneficial microbes, micro arthropods and fungi are present in your garden’s soil. Learn the best ways to sustainably manage and increase the numbers of these tiny helpers, and why high yields and healthy plants come from happy microbes!

6/24, 7/8, 8/10; 9 am – 11am; fee: $20
Backyard Barnyard – Easy Ways to Integrate Small Livestock into Your Backyard Farm
Learn how to increase the biodiversity of your backyard by adding small livestock – chickens, bees, even dairy or meat goats are easy to raise and add to your food freedom!

6/14, 7/7, 8/16; 9am – 11am; fee: $20
The Backyard Organic Chicken Flock – Meat and Eggs on the Table
Simple ways to add home raised organic eggs and poultry to your backyard – everything from choosing the right breed, to raising chicks, to feeding and managing layers and meat birds.

6/21, 7/14,8/17; 9am – 11am; fee: $20
The Homestead Dairy – Raising Goats is Easier than you Think!
This class is a great introduction to raising backyard organic goats for milk, cheese, or meat. Covers breeds, diseases, feeding, care and housing, milking and processing. Hands on with our dairy goats!

7/27, 8/24; 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm; fee: $20
Preserving the Harvest – an Introduction to Different Preservation Methods, including Freezing, Culturing, Pickling, Drying and Canning
Learn about the many different ways to preserve the good food you’ve grown, from basic canning techniques to the ancient art of cultured foods, everyone will go home with a starter batch of culture!


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