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527 Windmill Hill Road, Dublin, NH 03444



5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Carol-a friend and I would like to take the cheese making workshop 2/15. Do you need payment/registration in advance? Where is the workshop-address? Thank you. Sue Moran

  2. Carol–could you please send me your address again so I can send you a check for the cheese class on 2/15–So looking forward to this. I wrote the address on a small piece of paper–oh well–not sure where it is right now–sorry for the inconvenience–and thank you–Sue Bonner

  3. Hello; i watched Chronicle last week and was thrilled to learn of your classes. We live in Southern Vt. and would like to host a cheese making class. Could you get back to me about setting this up? Thank you

  4. I’m writing a post about the pros-cons and nature of de-horning goats(I’m pro horns!!) and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me listing your page under references and further reading? I will also list your name farm name.

    PS: BEAUTIFUL page and photos!! I’m in a serious state of farm-envy 🙂
    My little farm is out in the Mojave Desert 🙂 Quite a different landscape type 🙂

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