Hello kind folks. My business, provides products, services and support to help people manage all plants without using pesticides or petro based fertilizers. We provide a litany of options for the organic farmer as well as anyone involved with ecological land care. As the name implies, much of what we do is compost technology based.

The balance of my career had been in the tree care industry as a certified arborist. In 1999, I began to ‘play’ with compost on my clients properties and saw amazing results. It was an epiphany to say the least. Trees that I had been treating with chemical fertilizers and pesticides for a decade without results suddenly began to thrive. The clients were happy, our employees weren’t exposed to pesticides and our exposure to risk was greatly reduced. It was profitable too. Not only did compost tea invigorate the trees, it had a profound effect on my career. My paradigms shifted in both my professional career as well as my personal life.

Compostwerks started as concept with a casual acquaintance of mine in spring 2007. This acquaintance became my business partner just a few months later. We had originally had plans to roll out home consumer compost tea brewers, but things evolved quickly as demand for products and information for the organic grower,  turf, tree and landscape industry grew.

Peter Schmidt, Compostwerks LLC

So we’re just starting out our seventh year in business. It feels good that it can sustain us financially as well as sustain us spiritually. We’re able to help a lot of people learn how to transition away from pesticides and get started in organics.


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