Meet the Farmers


Daisy the dairy goat and farmer Carol Lake

An organic farmer and cheesemaker for over 20 years and a lifelong artist, Carol Lake is a passionate educator, using art, farming and yes, even cheesemaking to encourage others to see the beauty of the natural world around them. “I am such a strong supporter of grass fed dairies, and the fabulous milk that flows from well fed and well loved herds. Farming allows us to keep land open and undeveloped – instead of  more pavement and development.  Small, local farming develops strong community relationships fostered between the farm and their customers.”
Carol founded and was the executive director for over ten years of two educational farms in NH. While there, she started and ran a small grassfed raw milk dairy with both goats and cows and perfected her cheesemaking skills. Many grateful pigs, chickens, farm dogs and compost piles gratefully absorbed her early efforts. After years of practice, Carol thoroughly enjoys teaching others how to avoid some of those very pitfalls, and shows us just how simple (and cost effective) it really is to eat delicious, homemade artisan cheese, even, in a pinch, from store bought milk off the grocery shelf. She currently works as an organic farm and garden consultant throughout New England for small commercial ventures, homestead farms and estate potagers and creameries.


Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt doing some soil biology lab work

Peter Schmidt, founding partner of  Compostwerks LLC, certified arborist and Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor has worked in the horticultural industry for 30 years. He graduated from University of Massachusetts, Stockbridge School of Agriculture in 1990, and has spent the balance of his career in arboricultural consulting. Peter’s interest and passion for natural land care grew in 2000. Since then, he has done business and consulted with thousands of landowners and businesses on making the shift to sustainable practices. His company provides an extensive range of organic products, sprayers, compost top dressing equipment, consulting and support to businesses that wish to integrate organics as a professional service.


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