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We’ve had such a wonderful response to our cheesemaking classes we’ve decided to set up a new website featuring just the classes. Registration will be much easier (all online!) with options to pay via google checkout, paypal or by snail mailed check.


Here’s our new site: www.SimpleCheesemaking.com



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February 22, 2012 · 12:31 pm

Bring A Cheesemaking Class to Your Office (or farm, or party, or…anywhere)!

Carol Lake, founder, SimpleCheesemaking.com

Say Cheese!

Beginner Soft Cheese Making Workshop, suitable for 6 – 10 participants. 3 Hours in length. All supplies included.

Combine kitchen science with Yankee ingenuity and what do you get? Am empowering, tasty recipe for success (and fun) That’s what!

Bring your team together to learn the simple, super cool (and yummy!) science of soft cheese making. We’ll bring all the supplies to make Chevre, Fromage Blanc, Labneh, Ricotta, Lemon cheese and Queso Blanco, even Mozzarella!  Following an interactive discussion, participants will dive in and learn ingredient selection, proper stirring and draining techniques, temperature controls, culture and salt selection, which seasonings work well for each cheese, and best of all, TASTE all the cheeses!

The group will end up with 1/2 pound each of Chevre, Ricotta, Lemon cheese, Queso blanco, Labneh and a pound of Mozzarella to divide how they see fit at the end of class (if there’s any left at the end of the class!) All supplies are provided with the class fee.

**You Need*  A room to hold the class in (does not need to be large, a break room is often fine) running (potable) water, and, preferably, a stove top. Contact us for more information and details.

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2012 Beginner soft cheesemaking classes

Join us at our new farm in Dublin, NH for our popular beginner soft cheesemaking classses!

At our hands on Soft Cheesemaking Workshop, you will learn to make plain and seasoned chevre, frommage blanc, lemon cheese, panir, yogurt cheese (labneh),  queso blanco and mozzerella, all of which can be easily replicated in your own home kitchen with simple supplies you may already have!  After you taste your first batch of fresh cheese, you’ll never feel the same way about store-bought. We use both goat and cow’s milk to make our cheeses, you’ll even have some to take home with you! Classes run approximately 3 hours, choose  from one of the dates below.



Jan. 18th  9:30 – 12:30

Feb. 24th 1 – 4

Feb. 15th  9:30 – 12:30

March 24th    1 – 3

March 14th  9:30 – 12:30

April 7, 9:30 – 12:30

April 18, 1 – 4

May 12, 9:30 – 12:30

May 16, 1 – 4


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