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Farm Sabbatical

My husband and I have made the difficult decision to rent our lovely little farm for the next year or so. We have moved to Westchester County in NY, in order to be closer to the home office of Peter’s business, I am currently consulting for a private, sustainable farm in CT, so I can at least still get my hands in the dirt! I have also been accepted into the Pfeiffer Center’s year-long biodynamic training program, and am looking forward to sharing what I learn here on this website. I will be blogging about my monthly classes, so stay tuned if you’d like to stay updated!


American farmer Carol

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2013 Cheesemaking Classes

Check out our sister website for information on our Cheesemaking Classes!



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We’ve had such a wonderful response to our cheesemaking classes we’ve decided to set up a new website featuring just the classes. Registration will be much easier (all online!) with options to pay via google checkout, paypal or by snail mailed check.


Here’s our new site:

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February 22, 2012 · 12:31 pm

Our cheesemaking classes made Ricki Carol’s “Moosletter” !

We were excited to see our thank you letter featured in New England Cheese Making Supply’s “Moosletter” !

Our classes are held twice a month, and are about three hours long (though we usually go a smidge over!)  Our fee is $45, all supplies are included. We suggest you bring paper and pen, cus there will be lots to write down! We do have animals here (cats, a dog, goats, pony, chickens, geese, etc.) so do let us know if you have an allergy and we will do our best to prevent said allergen from interrupting the class. At this point in time we can’t allow small children (we are a working farm, and some things around here are just not quite suitable for little ones) or other pets to join you in your class.

We *do* however, offer a 10% discount to more than one participant.

We are considering adding several more classes, as they’ve been far more popular than we imagined (which is a good thing!). We’ve also had requests for an intermediate cheese making class, and a hard cheese making class. We’ll see if we can make that happen later in the year.

Here’s our advertisement in this month’s Monadnock Table magazine!

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Pardon us!

We are reorganizing the website, we’ll be done soon, promise!

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This is Sand, one of our lovely Nubian dairy goats

Management practices for our goat dairy

We have two dairy goats here on the farm, Sand and Aidan, and their 6 kids. Each of the girls had triplets this spring!

Our ladies have very distinct personalities, and each of them gives us creamy, delicious milk that we make into cheese and yogurt. I think I’ve finally perfected the chevre recipe, and when Peter and I spice the chevre rounds up with our own organic herbs, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, mmmmmmmmmmm it’s divine!

The girls are only milked once a day. They seem to have adjusted perfectly fine to our schedule. Currently we get about a half a gallon each a day. They do receive yearly Clostridium, Tetanus and Rabies vaccinations, but are fed herbal wormers. They are CAE and CL free.

Though we are not yet certified organic (soon!) the girls are managed in accordance with organic principles. Our goats are fed a specially designed diet that specifically excludes soy. They get organic whole oats, steamed barley, black oil sunflower seed and alfalfa pellets. They are also allowed free choice pasture and browse (tree branches, shrubs, etc. are really goat’s favorite delicacies!) We occasionally sprout their whole  grains for an even more nutritionally dense feed. The girls also receive kelp meal and Fertrelll’s mineral mix, as well as Azomite, Redmond salt and free choice baking powder to alkalize their gut. And of course lots of fresh water. And Aidan looovess, of all things, banana peels!

Both Aidan, who is 5 yrs old, and Sand, who is 3, love to go out for walks with us, and Aidan in particular is a real Houdini! She is the queen, and is getting quite plump from all her adventures! We hope to breed both of them back to a Nubian buck this fall.


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Dancing Dog Farm presents the Summer 2011 “Grow Your Own” series of classes on backyard organic farming and homesteading

Let’s Get (organically) Growing!
Learn organic farming techniques from a long time organic farmer and a certified soil food web advisor. Dancing Dog farm is a small organic and biodynamic homestead farm in Peterborough NH. We have a certified Animal Welfare Approved organic goat dairy and offer fresh goat’s milk, cheese, kefir and yogurt shares from our lovely Nubian goats. We also sell compost tea, organic soil amendments and livestock supplements.
For more information about Dancing Dog Farm’s “Grow Your Own” Summer classes, contact Carol: 603.289-2426, or email Find us online at

6/2, 7/9
9am – 11am; fee:  $20
Introduction to Backyard Organic Farming
You’ll get a “behind the scenes” tour of our organic/biodynamic homestead farm, watch our goats be milked, (milk them too if you like!) and learn tips and tricks to building healthy soil, raising livestock and growing great food right in your own backyard.

6/25 – 9am – 12pm; 7/9 1 pm- 4pm; 8/11 – 6pm – 9pm; fee: $45
Making Delicious Soft Cheeses
At our hands on Soft Cheese Workshop, you will learn to make chevre, mozzerella, lemon cheese, kefir, yogurt cheese and yogurt, all of which can be easily replicated in your own home kitchen. After you taste your first batch of fresh cheese, you’ll never feel the same way about store-bought.

6/16 – 9am – 11am; fee: $20
The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Organic Veggie  Gardening
It’s easier than you think to garden with nature in mind! Come out to the garden and learn some simple secrets of organic vegetable, flower and herb gardening and go home with lots of ideas (and some organic seeds!)  to start your own.

6/9  9am – 11am; fee: $25 (materials included)
Grow your Own Organic Salad in a Pot!
In this hands-on class, we’ll help you choose the right container; create the right potting media; choose the right seeds or seedlings; and show you how to plant it all. You’ll also learn where to place the container and how to care for it when you get it home. (We can bring this class to YOU as well!)

6/23 9am – 11am; fee: $25 (materials included)
The Cook’s Herb Garden
Nothing enhances a meal like the taste of fresh herbs. Grow your own on a sunny porch or doorstep! Culinary herbs thrive in containers & window boxes. Plant 6 culinary herbs in a 12” pot. Herb choices include rosemary, several varieties of basil, chives, sage thyme parsley, scented geranium and savory as well as edible flowers such as nasturtium and tiny marigolds. (We can bring this class to YOU as well!)

6/4 9am – 12pm; 7/16, 9am – 12pm; 8/13, 9am – 12 pm; fee: $35
Keep it Simple! Composting, Vermiculture (worms!) and Compost Tea
Using your own home-made organic compost is the single best thing you can do to increase your garden’s fertility, ward off pests, and keep diseases at a minimum. Come to Dancing Dog Farm and learn how to properly build a worm bin, compost tea brewer and a thermal compost pile.

6/20, 9am – 11am; 7/12, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm; 8/12, 9am – 11am; fee: $25
The Soul of Soil – Managing your Micro-herd, Secrets to High Yields and Healthy Plants
We’ll show you under our microscope what beneficial microbes, micro arthropods and fungi are present in your garden’s soil. Learn the best ways to sustainably manage and increase the numbers of these tiny helpers, and why high yields and healthy plants come from happy microbes!

6/24, 7/8, 8/10; 9 am – 11am; fee: $20
Backyard Barnyard – Easy Ways to Integrate Small Livestock into Your Backyard Farm
Learn how to increase the biodiversity of your backyard by adding small livestock – chickens, bees, even dairy or meat goats are easy to raise and add to your food freedom!

6/14, 7/7, 8/16; 9am – 11am; fee: $20
The Backyard Organic Chicken Flock – Meat and Eggs on the Table
Simple ways to add home raised organic eggs and poultry to your backyard – everything from choosing the right breed, to raising chicks, to feeding and managing layers and meat birds.

6/21, 7/14,8/17; 9am – 11am; fee: $20
The Homestead Dairy – Raising Goats is Easier than you Think!
This class is a great introduction to raising backyard organic goats for milk, cheese, or meat. Covers breeds, diseases, feeding, care and housing, milking and processing. Hands on with our dairy goats!

7/27, 8/24; 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm; fee: $20
Preserving the Harvest – an Introduction to Different Preservation Methods, including Freezing, Culturing, Pickling, Drying and Canning
Learn about the many different ways to preserve the good food you’ve grown, from basic canning techniques to the ancient art of cultured foods, everyone will go home with a starter batch of culture!

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Art Classes at the Farm

Autumn pasture

Autumn pasture

May 21 or May 25: Sketching @ the Farm : A Door to Discovering Beauty

Come discover the simple joys of spring on a small farm and deepen your drawing skills while learning to see on a very different level.  This day long drawing workshop  is designed to develop the critical eye/hand relationship and subsequent thought processes that awaken a deeper perception and appreciation of the energies and  beings of the natural world. We will spend the day on the farm and in the studio practicing life sketching and drawing skills that strengthen the ability to perceive the world at a much more subtle level. We will explore technique, composition and the shapes and relationships of various inhabitants of the farm, from elegant flowers, busy insects and cackling hens to the beasts of the field. We will look at techniques for rendering light and shade, also how to produce realistic form and texture.

If we have good weather, the workshop will focus on sketching farm vignettes outdoors. If the weather is disagreeable, we will  study  still lifes in the studio and in our lovely 1850′s hand hewn barn.  Class includes a home made lunch and time to explore the farm.

No previous experience necessary
WHEN: May 21, 2011 9:30am-3:30pm

or – a weekday class, on May 25, 2011, from 930 – 3:30
WHERE: Dancing Dog Farm
COST: Single workshop $65/student-apprentice $45,  includes lunch
REGISTRATION: With credit card, online, by check or cash
PLEASE BRING: 9×12 sketch book and standard HB or 2H pencils, vine charcoal, putty eraser, stump

"The Red Barn" Acrylic, 9" x 12"

"The Red Barn" Acrylic, 9" x 12"

Plein Air @ the Farm

Plein-Air is a French phrase meaning “outdoors in open air with nature”. It has also come to mean a certain style of painting – a true plein-air painting is generally painted in one session on location. The challenge is to capture the mood of the scene and the effects of light on the landscape quickly before it changes too much. You will be challenged to to do quick paintings of  the animals. During your art workshop you will learn and explore techniques and cover aspects of composition, colour and light. Dancing Dog Farm offers a variety of scenes and settings, perfect for practicing your Plein-Air techniques. Feel free to bring oils, water color or acrylics.

WHEN: May 28, 2011 9:30am-3:30pm, OR June 1st, form 930 – 3:30
WHERE: Dancing Dog Farm
COST: Single workshop $65/student-apprentice $45,  includes lunch
REGISTRATION: With credit card, online, by check or cash
PLEASE BRING: Your own painting supplies and easel

merlin, charcoal study

"Merlin" charcoal study

Portraits of New England Farm Animals

Working from life with the animals here at Dancing Dog Farm,  you will be introduced to a range of drawing and painting techniques, enjoying the activity as much as the outcome. You will explore colour, mark-making techniques and image creation. Learn some of the secrets to making a great, memorable portrait that is anatomically correct, yet not static.

Although the day will be studio based, we will venture outside for some sketching in the afternoon to develop the skills and confidence to record your observations in the field. Participants will enjoy tours of the farm and interacting with the animals.

Ideal for the complete beginner, you will receive individual tutoring and encouragement in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

No previous experience necessary

WHEN: Saturday June 11 OR Wednesday June 15th, 2011 9:30am-3:30pm
WHERE: Dancing Dog Farm
COST: Single workshop $65/student-apprentice $45,  includes lunch
REGISTRATION: With credit card, online, by check or cash
PLEASE BRING: 9×12 sketch book and standard HB or 2H pencils, vine charcoal, putty eraser, stump

"Aesop's Crow"  17" x 12"  Ltd. Edition Bronze

"Aesop's Crow" 17" x 12" Ltd. Edition Bronze

Sculpting Realistic Animals

For beginners
Learn the basic techniques for sculpting animal figures. learn to sculpt a variety of animals in wet clay; learn about form and shape in animals and how to mold the medium into realistic or fun sculptures. Students will complete one small sculpture  as well as at least one bas relief tile.  Fee includes $5 firing fee and all supplies. Wear old clothes. A variety of techniques will be demonstrated including slab, coil, solid construction and hollowed out forms. Scale and the use of photographs for reference imagery will be discussed. due to firing costs, a fee will be charged for each firing required; wear clothing that can get wet and dirty

WHEN: Saturday, June 18, OR Wednesday, June 22, from 9:30 – 3:30

WHERE: Dancing Dog Farm

COST: Single workshop $70/student-apprentice $50,  includes lunch
REGISTRATION: With credit card, by check or cash
PLEASE BRING: We’ll cover all the supplies!

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New logo!

Well I finally got around to designing our new logo, here it is!



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Home Sweet Home

Before the (latest) storm…

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

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