We made ABCNews.com! Front page!

I was interviewed yesterday by ABCnews.com about the issue of legalizing raw milk!   http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/12/milking-it-ron-paul-wants-choice-on-raw-milk/   t a recent campaign stop in Iowa, Rep. Ron Paul garnered applause for a remark about legalization. No, not marijuana: This time the Texas congressman was talking about legalizing the sale of raw milk. Amid talk of overregulation and the […]

Why We Believe Goats Should Have Horns

So. I’m officially going on the record for this. We believe goats should have horns. OK, I said it, and it’s published. Now, please don’t send me hate mail about how your daughter’s friend got her eye poked out by some goat with sharp pointy horns. I know there are times when goat horns are […]

July farming classes!

Grow Your Own!  Backyard Organic Gardening Classes at  Dancing Dog Farm, the week of July 7 – 14, 2011 To register, email: carol@dancingdogfarm.com or call 603.289-2426 The Backyard Organic Chicken Flock –  Meat & Eggs on the Table        July 7, 9am – 11am; fee: $20 Simple ways to add home raised organic […]

We are an official WWOOF host farm!

I’m very excited to announce that we have finally become a host farm for WWOOF! What’s WWOOF you say? WWOOF is  “world wide opportunities on organic farms“ here’s our profile!  One-half day of volunteer help is traded for food and accommodation, with no money exchanged.  The WWOOF-USA Host Farm Directory lists more than one-thousand organic […]

Busy Days, an update

Well, spring sprung for us here at the farm the end of March, with 6 bouncing baby goats born, and a lovely heifer calf. We’ve hit the ground (as did they) running, with the cold season crops now in the ground, and even a compost tea spraying completed. 25 Speckled Sussex (for pastured poultry for […]

Monadnock Winter Farmers Market

Peter and I had a great *first time* experience at the Monadnock Winter Farmers Market, at Noone Falls in Peterborough, NH, last Sunday. Thank you to all the good folks who bought our honey! We’ll have lots more next Sunday, and although we aren’t yet legally allowed to physically sell our milk at the market, […]

Pregnant goatie mama walk

Yesterday we took the mama goats out for a walk, they don’t venture forth much into the field now that it’s covered in EEK snow. I spose I understand, they are Nubian goats, from Africa, for goodnes sake. I wouldn’t want to walk around on snow any more than I had to either. Heck, I […]


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