Egg layers, and a token turkey

Jelly, our mongrel rooster and confused alarm clock We have a mixed group of layers here, and their rough and ready leader, Jelly. We have a few Americaunas, a few black Austrolorps, and  a Rhode Island Red. Some of the ladies are quite elderly, though they seem to produce an egg just fine every now […]

English Shepherds & Farm Collies

I’ve had a “farm collie” or an English Shepherd by my side for over ten years now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. What is an English Shepherd, or a farm collie, for that matter? Well, there’s a bit of controversy (typical I think of just about every ” breed” organization). But essentially, […]

Little Piggy!

We’ve started raising a few pigs, mostly for all my, shall we say… unsuccessful… cheese experiments and of course all that extra milk while I perfect my cheesemaking skills. Also because my family loves bacon, sausage, ham, and of course, pulled pork. I am a firm believer in healthy fats, (A La Sally Fallon and […]

July farming classes!

Grow Your Own!  Backyard Organic Gardening Classes at  Dancing Dog Farm, the week of July 7 – 14, 2011 To register, email: or call 603.289-2426 The Backyard Organic Chicken Flock –  Meat & Eggs on the Table        July 7, 9am – 11am; fee: $20 Simple ways to add home raised organic […]

We are an official WWOOF host farm!

I’m very excited to announce that we have finally become a host farm for WWOOF! What’s WWOOF you say? WWOOF is  “world wide opportunities on organic farms“ here’s our profile!  One-half day of volunteer help is traded for food and accommodation, with no money exchanged.  The WWOOF-USA Host Farm Directory lists more than one-thousand organic […]

Growing the Holistic Apple

  Peter and I travelled to Jack and Kim Mastrianni’s Maple Frost Farm in Langdon NH today to take part in NOFA NH’s Holistic Apple Growing Workshop with the legendary orchardist Michael Phillips. Michael is the author of “The Apple Grower” and a soon to be released book, “The Holistic Orchard” and is a commercial […]


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