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Animal Welfare Approved!


We are proud to announce we have just become the second Animal Welfare Approved  farm in the state of NH, and one of only two goat dairies in New England with that honor! We work very hard to maintain our animal’s welfare, and are very pleased to announce this certification. Here’s our press release!

Dancing Dog Farm Nationally Certified as one of NH’s First  Animal Welfare Approved Farms

Daisy the dairy goat and farmer Carol Lak

Daisy the dairy goat and farmer Carol Lake

PETERBOROUGH, NH : Dancing Dog Farm in Peterborough, NH, is thrilled to be recognized as one of NH’s only certified Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) farms, and the only certified AWA goat dairy in NH with fresh milk available for consumers. Founded in 2006, the  Animal Welfare Approved label sets the gold standard for how farm animals should be taken care of, and provides consumers, grocers, chefs and other food buyers with a comprehensive seal of approval that differentiates family farms that treat their animals compassionately from agribusinesses that subject animals to cruel and unnatural conditions.

Ranked as “the most stringent” of all third-party certifiers by the World Society for the Protection of Animals, the approval is given only to family farms and does not allow producers that have dual humane and factory-farming operations to participate. Offered at no charge to farmers, the fundamental goal of the AWA certification is to improve farm animal welfare. The AWA standards are the most rigorous and progressive animal requirements in the nation, and the only welfare standards requiring animals to be raised outdoors on pasture or range

Founded in 2010, Dancing Dog Farm is a homestead farm with a small holistic goat dairy. “We are so excited to be recognized for our humane efforts with our goats,” said co-owner Carol Lake. “We strive to put the welfare of our animals first, as they are full partners in our growing business. We are delighted and proud to be one of NH’s first Animal Welfare Seal of Approval farms.”

One of the main goals at Dancing Dog Farm’s holistic goat dairy is to produce healthy, wholesome food. They feel the best way to do this is, simply, “to let animals exist in a healthy environment that most closely resembles how nature intended the animals to live.”  In other words, goats get to be goats, eating primarily browse mixed with some rotationally grazed pasture, and eating a minimum of whole, organic grain. Soil samples are checked regularly to determine mineral requirements, and a free choice mineral mix with organic kelp is offered at all times. No antibiotics are used, and no chemical wormers, pesticides or herbicides are applied to the land or the goats.

Dancing Dog Farm is managed with organic and biodynamic principals in mind, and intends to be certified organic in the near future. The farm owners, Carol Lake and Peter Schmidt, encourage other NH farmers to consider becoming AWA certified, and are happy to offer advice to anyone considering applying. “The more farms in NH that offer AWA labeled products, the more happy customers there are recognizing that NH raised meat, dairy and eggs are quality, healthy products, produced in humane facilities where the health and welfare of the animals comes first.”

Peter Schmidt added that the seal of approval will also draw attention to the deep love and respect the couple has for the land and the animals in their care, and to the quality of the milk they produce. Peter and Carol offer farm and soil consultations to people considering adding farm animals or vegetables for the first time, to larger farms, institutions and equestrian estates. They also offer biological soil testing, and hold farming classes on site, including a popular soft cheese making class. For more information about the fresh goat’s milk sold on the farm or delivered, or information on consulting, soil tests or classes, please contact the farm’s website at, or call 603.289-2426. For more information about becoming certified as an AWA farm, or for AWA labeled products, contact

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