Fresh Pork CSA Shares available

Well it’s almost that time – the pigs have been roaming about (sometimes a little too far and wide) in the garden, enjoying garden excess, roots, grass, sunshine and mud. They will be available for pick up right before Christmas.


Here’s an example of what you’d get with a typical “half pig” share: *Note* To give you an idea of how much a half pig share might take up,  the share, frozen (which is how you will receive it)  will fit in a large cooler (minus the fat for rendering)

13lbs Pork chops 1″ – total of 23 pork chops, 7 packs of 2 + 3 packs of 3
3lbs Spare Ribs
9lbs Hamburger/Sausage ground meat in 1 lb packages
15lbs Fresh Ham – easily brined or sent for smoking
8lbs Fresh Bacon Slab – brine & slice or send for smoking
10lbs Shoulder Roast
4lbs Butt Pork Roast
5lbs Stew Bones – good for dogs if you don’t make soup or stew
8lbs Fat – you can render this or feed it to dogs or chickens
—— —-
75 Total pounds of cuts in the freezer


Package: Whole Half    Quarter
Unit Price: $3.50 $4.00 $4.50  /lb
Hanging Weight: 180 90 45   lbs
Package Price: $630 $360 $202
Approximate Yields:
Cuts 120 60 30   lbs
Oddments 45 22 10   lbs
  • Quarter pig is not a literal front or back quarter of a pig but rather a mix of commercial cuts representing a quarter pig of weight. This gives you a variety of pork cuts. Upon request we will also include the oddments for the adventurous chef. By the way, a quarter pig fits in about one cubic foot of space.
  • Weights are not exact. These are real animals, not assembly line plastic pink pigs. To keep the pre-buy simple we are using an average pig market size for weight and we will make sure that all of the CSA Pre-Buy pigs are at least that big so you get your money’s worth. As is the norm with whole animals sales the price per pound is based on what is termed hot hanging weight also called simply the hanging weight. That is the carcass weight after it has been slaughtered, gutted, cleaned, inspected and is ready to enter the chiller for hanging. There is a small amount of loss to evaporation during hanging time and some loss to trimming during meat cutting. Actual commercial style cuts are generally about 67% of hanging weight plus oddments bringing it to about 90% of hanging weight. Be an adventurous cook – Eat like a farmer chef!
  • Oddments? What are oddments you ask? Those are the cuts the farmer’s family eats a lot of, the parts that are not typical commercial cuts, not the prime cuts of the pig. Oddments include good food like hock, jowl, tail, bones, back fat, heart, liver, kidney, trotters (feet), head, etc. These are excellent fare and can be used for soups, stews, stir fry and many other dishes. If you do not want the oddments of your pig, just let us know. The oddments generally amount to about 25% of the hanging weight and are generally tossed at many butchers – a sad waste. The commercial cuts generally account for about 67% of the hanging weight and what you see in the meat case in the super market: pork chops, shoulder, ham, etc.

A typical slaughter weight is between 250 lbs yielding about 180 lbs hanging weight. If you just take the prime commercial cuts that is about 120 lbs in the freezer. If you take the whole pig, nose to tail, that will give you about 160 lbs which includes great stuff like the hocks, soup bones, lard, liver, jowls (like bacon), head, trotters and other things. The pig is good to eat, end-to-end.


We will also have pork available by the cut, I’ll post a pdf pricelist shortly.

Purchasing a Pork Share

Reserve your share by sending a check for $100 to Carol Lake, 29 Old Sharon Road, Peterborough, NH, 03458., or by stopping by. We’ll bill you for the balance owed when the pork share is in the freezer her at the farm. Any questions, feel free to ask!

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