Pound Your Plowshares into Scythes

I’ve been delving into the world of permaculture. I’m fascinated by the concept – it just “makes sense”, and am looking forward to learning as much as I can about it. Working *with* nature just seems so much more sensible. Look around – read the works of Victor Shauberger, and consider bio-mimickry. The world around, […]

Top Ten Natural Cattle Treatments

For anyone interested in treating their cattle as naturally as possible, this is a great resource (like all the information from Ares USA!) Reprinted with permission, from Acres USA Pat Coleby‚Äôs Natural Treatments for the Top Ten Cattle Ailments Common Ailments and Remedies With experience and knowledge of cattle ailments and remedies, one should need […]

Monadnock Winter Farmers Market

Peter and I had a great *first time* experience at the Monadnock Winter Farmers Market, at Noone Falls in Peterborough, NH, last Sunday. Thank you to all the good folks who bought our honey! We’ll have lots more next Sunday, and although we aren’t yet legally allowed to physically sell our milk at the market, […]


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