Farm Sabbatical

My husband and I have made the difficult decision to rent our lovely little farm for the next year or so. We have moved to Westchester County in NY, in order to be closer to the home office of Peter’s business, I am currently consulting for a private, sustainable farm in CT, so I can at least still get my hands in the dirt! I have also been accepted into the Pfeiffer Center’s year-long biodynamic training program, and am looking forward to sharing what I learn here on this website. I will be blogging about my monthly classes, so stay tuned if you’d like to stay updated!


American farmer Carol

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2013 Cheesemaking Classes

Check out our sister website for information on our Cheesemaking Classes!



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Traditional Hog Processing Workshop






Of interest to farmers, chefs and homesteaders, this three part workshop will highlight traditional hog processing techniques familiar to farmers generations ago, but lost to many of us in these modern times.


Dates for the workshop are:

December 10th, slaughter and processing, 9 – 4, in Dublin NH at Dancing Dog Farm.

December 18th, butchery, 9 – 4,  in Salisbury, NH at Henwyn Farm and

December 20th,  curing and preserving, in Dublin once again at Dancing Dog Farm.


Workshop Fee is $150 for all three days, or $60 per day. Workshop participants will be actively involved in all three days.


Contact Carol Lake, Dancing Dog Farm, 603.563-8122 or email at


Humane Slaughter & Processing

Students will learn how to slaughter pigs humanely, with elegance and utility. Edward Epsen  of Henwynn Farm will demonstrate specialized organ extraction, blood harvest, and preservation of the extreme parts to maximize value. Ed uses the technique of scalding and scraping so that you get a carcass with skin on. Other custom cutters will skin the animal, losing much of the value in the process. In addition to the overall loss of edible skin and hyperdermic fat, you would lose the value of the fatback, the head (including the jowls), and the feet.



Traditional Butchery

On Butchery day workshop participants will learn how to break down a whole side of pork into primal and secondary cuts with nothing more than four hand tools. This also increases the value of your cuts because they are made cleanly with a knife, which reduces oxidation and nutrient loss. Our approach will emphasize porcine physiology, identifying different muscular, skeletal, and connective tissue groups. You will learn how to render the carcass into an assortment of cuts that are most useful for your kitchen, how to minimize bone dust, oxidation, and waste, and how to wrap meat for maximum storage life in the freezer. Finally, we wrap the meat using clinging plastic and butcher paper, not vacuum-sealed packs, which can lose their seal when handled or shifted around in the freezer.

Preserving Pork without Refrigeration

For the third session we will cover a combination of curing, cooking, and sausage making. Students will learn the traditional art of preserving pork without refrigeration, which generally involves three categories of technique: wet-curing, dry-curing, and confitting. Possible special topics and fees include the following.

Fromage de tete (head cheese)
Black pudding / blood sausage
Pate de campagne (rustic pork liver pate)
Rillette (a kind of pulled pork confit that will last indefinitely in the fridge or cellar)
Fresh linked sausages

Things we start together and you finish:

Dry Curing


Wet Curing



Dancing Dog Farm is a family homestead farm in Dublin NH that emphasizes biodynamic agriculture and permaculture.  Henwyn Farm is a small-scale certified natural farm featuring rare heritage breed hogs raised on pasture and woodland, located in the Merrimack Valley of central New Hampshire.



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New Soft Cheesemaking Kits Available!

English: Homemade cottage cheese from milk and...

I am very proud to announce our new beginner soft  cheesemaking kits are available to pre-order for 10% off the regular price! The ONLY soft cheesemaking kits on the market with 100%, US made organic unbleached, hemmed muslin draining cloths, I’m thrilled to be able to offer this excellent product along to you at an exceptional value.

The kits contain :

100% organic unbleached, hemmed 20″ x 20″ draining cloth, vegetable based rennet (GMO FREE), cheese salt and food grade citric acid, as well as recipes for SIX easy soft artisinal cheeses anyone can make at home. The kits are sold in unbleached muslin bags that are handy fostoring the cheesemaking ingredients, and, after you are done making cheese, they make a handy storage bag for lots of other things!

Check out our link on the website–more.html


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